Vai Academy

Due to promoter error Earth III will not be participating at Vai Academy 5 this Summer. We understand that this comes as unfortunate news. Please know that Earth III was ready and willing to fulfill it's obligation, however due to the mistakes and unwillingness to correct them by the promoter we will not be able to attend or give away the strap that was promised to the first 50 attendees. We can back this claim 100%, but hopefully this doesn't need to go any further than this. Please know that in no way, shape or form do we hold Steve Vai responsible for any of this. He himself should know all too well how promoters can sometimes get things wrong. In closing I wish Steve Vai, the other artists and the attendees a good time at Vai Academy 5 this Summer. We also look forward to working with Steve in the future. We're disappointed that we won't be there this year, but hopefully we will be able to attend Vai Academy 6 next year. Thanks, Roy Jones Earth III