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Earth III is the guitar strap brand you go to when you want to wear what the legends wore.
There is no other guitar strap on the planet that has graced the shoulders of more rock guitar gods than Earth III has. From Albert Collins to Eddie Van Halen the iconic Earth III brand has supported the guitars of many rock music legends. You don’t have to be a legend, however, to wear one of our straps because we have a guitar strap for everyone and there is quality at every turn. From our basic cotton and leather straps to our more expensive all leather guitar straps you’ll certainly be pleased with our quality. For example our basic cotton and leather straps feature genuine 100% custom made cotton, genuine cowhide leather end tabs which are doubled for extra strength and metal sliders and rivets that do not break, crack or warp. There will never be plastic or nylon on any of our basic straps and they will last you a lifetime.
At Earth III we take pride in our product and we also take as much time and consideration for our lowest line of cotton straps as we do with our highest line of all leather guitar straps. Everything has to be great for all of our customers no matter the price point.
Before I was the owner of the company I was an employee of the company, and when I was an employee I couldn’t afford the top of the line strap, but it was nice to know that I could get a great strap at a great price and you know what? After 29 years I still have them and they are still as comfortable and as strong as they were when I first got them!
We want you to wear our guitar straps!
Earth III Guitar Straps the Guitar Strap of Legends


Guitar Legends

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