"Blood Splatter" Heavy Metal Cotton and Leather Guitar Strap!

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Blood Splatter Death Metal Guitar Strap

Please Note:  Like our original "Blood Splatter Strap" each splatter is unique and may not reflect what you see in the photo. 

Can't get a "Slayer" guitar right now?  Get something that says Death Metal with our famous "Blood Splatter" strap!

This is the vintage style strap our customers love!

This cotton and leather strap is made exactly to our original vintage specifications. The cotton part of the strap is a custom made weave only available from Earth III. You're getting a genuine 100% custom weave cotton guitar strap with 100% genuine cowhide leather end tabs. The front end tabs have two pieces of cowhide leather that have been stitched together which is not normally found at this price point. This provides extra strength that you could probably tow a car with. The strap is also made with metal rivets that add strength plus metal loops that won't warp, chip or break like plastic. Metal loops also make adjusting the strap easier while wearing.  

Strap Dimensions

2" x 54"

Artists who have used this model

Steve Vai, James Hetfield, Eddie Van Halen (Jump Video), Cliff Burton, Bon Jovi and many others

We know you will love these! Order a bunch today! 


We know you will love these! Order today! :)