Authentic Crossroads Jack Butler Classic Cotton and Leather Guitar Strap!

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Product Description

The Famous Earth III Jack Butler Crossroads Guitar Strap is Here! 

"I got a big white fella from Memphis made a deal with me a few years back. Real good guitar player, name of Jack Butler. Cuts heads every Saturday night. Yes, sir."

This is it! The same exact Earth III model that Steve Vai used in the film Crossroads with Ralph Macchio! If you want to live your "Cuttin Heads" fantasy than there is no question that you need this strap!

This cotton and leather strap is made exactly to our original vintage specifications. The cotton part of the strap is a custom made weave only available from Earth III. You're getting a genuine 100% custom weave cotton guitar strap with 100% genuine cowhide leather end tabs. The front end tabs have two pieces of cowhide leather that have been stitched together which is not normally found at this price point. This provides extra strength that you could probably tow a car with. The strap is also made with metal rivets that add strength plus metal loops that won't warp, chip or break like plastic. Metal loops also make adjusting the strap easier while wearing.  

(Please Note: Splatter patterns differ from one strap to the next as they are real splatters and not a set silk screened pattern)

Strap Dimensions 

2" x 54"

Artists who have used this model

Steve Vai, Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and many others

We know you will love these! Order a bunch today! 





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    Decent Strap

    Posted by Carlos Tijerina on Jul 21st 2021

    I like the colors and it's a nice strap, but I will most likely not use the strap due to the medal in 3 places that will hit the guitar body. This will cause scratches in several places if I leave this on which I do not want on the JB Jackson guitar. thanks. From Earth III: The strap is the same classic design from the 70s and 80s, so we use chrome metal sliders and rivets. Plastic sliders can still cause scratch damage. The guitar will also sustain more scratch damage from picking, belt buckles and the occasional banging against objects than from our straps. If you are careful our strap will not cause any major damage to the guitar. Thanks, R.J.

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    Jack Butler Guitar Strap

    Posted by BRIAN on Mar 3rd 2021

    Great fast service. The strap I received was exactly what I ordered and was expecting.

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    "Jack Butler's gonna' like you"

    Posted by on Oct 1st 2020

    This strap is perfect and everything about it will keep your souls safe from Legba and Hell! If you have them Jackson "Jack Butler" reissue Limited Edition, and don't have this strap- you will have your head cut by Jack Butler immediately. Paganini, Willie Brown, not Eugene's trick bag will save you- if you prepare for battle without this strap!! Buy the strap! The.Guitaruss

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    Splatter strap

    Posted by Robert Ringdahl on Jun 5th 2019

    Earth III is back! These are exactly like the original straps in bought in the late 80's. These were always my favorite back in the day, now they are available made the same, if not better. If you've tried the copies, do yourself a favor and get the original, you won't be sorry.

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    Black Cotton and Leather Splatter Strap

    Posted by Spencer on May 17th 2019

    Great quality, very comfortable, looks amazing, and these are true history! Thank you Earth Three!!!

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