About Us

Richard Oliveri
The Earth III Guitar Strap Co. was started by Richard Oliveri in the late 1970's at 11 Cebra Ave. S.I., N.Y.
As the company grew they later on moved to a bigger location at Mariners Harbor in Staten Island, a stone's throw from the DiMarzio Pickup Co. which is still in operation there. Rich created the world-famous guitar straps, including his best known straps, the Musical Note and Lightning Bolt straps.
The original Earth III company manufactured guitar straps on Staten Island until 1989 until the company went out of business. Shortly after the factory closed Rich was tragically killed in an automobile accident in Florida.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Earth III brand is the only brand of Musical Note Guitar Strap that Stevie Ray Vaughan wore throughout his entire career. It has been said that a friend of his gave him his first which featured our second "Coca-Cola" style logo. A strap like this was featured on the television show Pawn Stars. Stevie used many of our Musical Note straps and each one had subtle changes throughout the years. Some straps were made out of "pebble leather" which is a thinner type of leather that didn't hold up well over time and because of this one will notice the crude repairs at the strap button in some of SRV's live videos.
                                    SRV 1 
Steve Vai
Mr. Vai wore many Earth III straps. A Long Island, NY native was bound to as Earth III at one time had product in just about every store in the Tri-State area. I'm not sure if he was turned onto them by visitng DiMarzio, but it's possible as both companies resided on Staten Island in proximity to each other. No Earth III strap, however, is more popular than the "Blood Splatter" model he used in the film "Crossroads" with Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca and Jami Gertz.
                                      Jack Butler
Prince or a representative for Prince contacted the Earth III company and asked if we could make a strap to match his custom Cloud Guitars
Keith Richards
Keith is featured on the March 1986 cover of Guitar World magazine wearing an Earth III "Legs and Bubbles" strap. 
Present Owner of Earth III
Roy Jones made guitar straps for the original Earth III company and currently runs the new Earth III. He brought back the world-famous guitar straps worn by many great players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Ace Frehley, Metallica and many others. The world-famous guitar straps such as Musical Note, Lightning Bolt models are currently being produced. 

Roy is also a graduate of the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Los Angeles, California. He previously attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Around late 1987 he was offered a position at the original Earth III company on Staten Island, NY. He worked at the original Earth III for approximately two years but ended his employ there when the company went out of business in 1989. Among other designs and projects Roy also created the Lollipop Guitar which sold worldwide and featured in Guitar World magazine.
Roy brought back the famous Earth III guitar straps due to the current poor quality/expense in the marketplace, lack of vintage Earth III straps on the secondary market and to honor his former boss at the original Earth III company. 

On Richard Oliveri the Founder of Earth III:

Rich was a great man who very worked hard and treated all of his employees exceptionally well. At my first interview he actually asked me how much I would like to make per hour which was something I never encountered previously. I will do my very best to offer that same original Earth III quality that everyone loves not only because I feel it's a great idea but to honor one of the best bosses I have ever had.